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ORIENTAL REVIEW este un e-jurnal internațional care se concentrează pe probleme politice actuale din Eurasia și nu numai.

Inițiativa este lansată în februarie 2010 de un grup de bloggeri independenți și analiști politici preocupați de situația agravantă a securității din lume.

Credem că contribuția noastră va fi utilă pentru alcătuirea unui mozaic cuprinzător al politicii mondiale pentru experții academicieni, guvernamentali și independenți. Nu suntem afiliați cu nicio instituție de cercetare, fundație sau partid politic.

  • In Europe, the scandal around the Law on Digital Services tightens control and gives broad rights to various commercial structures. The post A Digital Services Law Or A Digital Markets Redivision? appeared first on Oriental Review.
  • The high probability is that Israel will hunker down with the help of its Lobby in the US and would rather prefer to be a Pariah in the world community. The post The Middle East At An Inflection Point appeared first on Oriental Review.
  • What would be the expense of relocating just one of these 8 billion humans to Mars? Would it be a billion dollars? The post The Shocking Stupidity Of Elon Musk appeared first on Oriental Review.
  • Washington will have the exclusive right not only to select and use the civilian and military infrastructure to locate the weapons but also to move and use the United States weapons without notifying Stockholm. The post United States To Place Military Bases In Sweden appeared first on Oriental Review.
  • Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country, its fourth-most populous one in general, and is on pace to become the sixth-largest economy by 2027. The post Indonesia Might Pivot To The West After Its Upcoming Elections In February appeared first on Oriental Review.
  • Quitting BRICS is non-option, as India gains out of its membership — although it is hardly making any significant contribution to the advancement of the grouping. The post India’s BRICS Quandary Deepens appeared first on Oriental Review.
  • It is inherently the nature of giving thanks that thanks must be given to someone. I cannot give thanks to nothing or no one. The post The Communion Of Giving Thanks appeared first on Oriental Review.
  • As has traditionally been the case throughout history, Polish sovereignty is once again in the process of being sacrificed as part of the Great Powers’ games. The post NATO’s Proposed “Military Schengen” Is A Thinly Disguised German Power Play Over Poland appeared first on Oriental Review.